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Is yoga for me?


I believe yoga is for everyone. Your ability, age, background and gender do not matter. There are misconceptions that yoga is only for thin, flexible people. However, yoga is really about how we connect our body, breath and the postures.



What should I wear to a yoga class?


Something comfortable to move around in. For example: t-shirt, vest, shorts, joggers or leggings. Personally I prefer something stretchy.


You can wear layers during cooler weather. During the class you might feel warm and may wish to take some layers off; during final relaxation you might want something to cover yourself, because your body temperature might decrease.



Should I eat or drink before the class?


If you are planning to have a full meal before class, ensure you eat no less than 2 to 3 hours beforehand. Having a smoothie is another good choice to give you some energy. Practicing without any source of energy might not be ideal either.


Drink water before class. Students are also welcome to bring water in for their classes. Remember to stay hydrated after a yoga class too.



I am a beginner, where should I start?


My classes are for mixed abilities and suitable for beginners. I offer various options for students. The other option will be my Beginner Course. Please contact me for further information and to discuss this.



Should I practice yoga with injuries?


Yoga helps many people on a daily basis in different ways. However, if you have an injury or a condition, make sure to let your teacher know beforehand so that the teacher can adjust and advise you during the class. If you are not entirely sure, the best way is to consult with your doctor before practicing.



I am pregnant, is there any class suitable for me?


There are classes designed for women during pregnancy such as prenatal and postnatal classes. However, I am not trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher. I would recommended joining pregnancy classes with a trained teacher or a yoga centre. Please note that it is not recommended to practice yoga during the first trimester.

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